llp_logo_de_klein.jpgSpain was the host country chosen to hold the first teachers´ gathering concerning the COMENIUS programme whose title is : "RENEWABLE ENERGY: A future for our planet". Teachers from Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium in Augsburg (Germany) and from Liceo Sorbelli in Pavullo (Italy) attended this meeting with their Spanish colleagues at Isaac Peral Secondary School in Madrid.
This successful encounter took place from 26th to 30th September in order to discuss and plan future action to be followed by all the teachers and students involved in this multinational educational partnership. Thereby all the members keep going ahead within this ambitious project, which is meant to make the students aware of the worldwide shortage of natural resources drawing conclusions from their own scientific experiments. It will also allow them to think about some possible solutions to this increasingly kickoff2.jpgdangerous situation, working collaboratively among international teams: "An open hope to a dark horizon".
The teachers from the three countries put the almost one year lasting experimental period in concrete terms too and decided which experimental material should be used to achieve the best results. On Monday morning the "Kick off"-meeting with all participating teachers and Spanish students took place in the library of the Isaac Peral Secondary School. The headmaster Mr. Armendáriz Viñuela welcomed the guests from the European countries and the Spanish students were able to ask the most interesting questions concerning the meeting in Augsburg in October.