llp_logo_de_klein.jpg logo_new_small.jpg Seit dem Ende des Koordinierungstreffen der Lehrer in Torrejón de Ardoz haben die Projekt-Aktivitäten Schüler und Lehrer vollständig erfasst. Die Hauptaufgabe lag darin, Fragebögen zu entwerfen und die Umfrage  zur Energiesituation in der Region durchzuführen.  Der Höhepunkt dieser ersten Projektphase war die Projektwoche in Augsburg (24.10-01.11.2008) intern.gif. Darüberhinaus fanden auch einführende Lektionen zur Physik, Biologie und Chemie der erneuerbaren Energien statt. Eine willkommene Abwechslung war die Organisation und das Packen der Weihnachtspakete für die zwei Projektpartnerschulen und die gemeinsame Weichnachts-Vidoekonferenz, bei der sich alle italienischen und spanischen Freunde wiedertrafen und Weichnachts- und Neujahrsgrüße austauschten.

sany0134_1.jpgThe Comenius project group of JFG was invited to the fair renexpo 2008 in November. A lot of up-to-date information on renewable energies was presented. After this information block and an infrared group picture the mandatory tradefair tour followed. The pupils were welcomed in a very friendly way and went home with a lasting impression as well as with a lot of information and written material.

During the following project sessions the students designed a survey about the situation of renewable energy situation in their region. Having merged the regional questions with the international part the students went out collecting the data needed. More than one hundred people answered the students’ questions. umfrage.jpgWithin only two weeks these data were evaluated and a presentation was made by groups of four pupils during the project sessions. The results were made public in a presentation for the Kick-off-Meeting. Two pairs of students presented the results of four weeks hard group work to the students from Pavullo and Torrejón. There were a lot of activities concerning regenerative energy during the project week (see additional report). After this remarkable week full of lasting impressions the students collect during the next project lessons the data from the other countries and prepare the consumption of the survey. This work will be done in multinational groups with the help of the project online platform. There the students discuss the results and prepare the final results of the survey.

During the weekly sessions students are taught some basics needed for the project and actually outside curricula of second and third year in chemistry and physics (such as energy and its various forms, solar cells, electromagnetism, principles of biogases) in a mix up of hands on and frontal lessons, simple experiments in biogases are implemented too.

vc_christmas.jpgAt the beginning of December we prepared two big Christmas parcels with lots of typical sweets, presents and Christmas cards which were to be sent to our Comenius partners.

On 17th December the long coveted Christmas video Conference took place and Christmas parcels were opened at last! Each country in turn briefly explained some local traditions, Christmas carols were sang and virtual hugs were exchanged among those who already had the chance to meet colleagues and pupils in Augsburg. A party followed where students and teachers enjoyed the yummy and delicious traditional sweets sent by the project partners.