Our school introduces itself

Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium is a modern school with a long tradition, which is located in the center of the city, in the green areas of the Stadtjägerviertel. The history of our school began in 1879 with the foundation of the „Higher Commercial School Augsburg.“ In 1963, the first graduates of today’s „Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium“ passed their Abitur examinations. Currently, about 750 students are taught by about 75 colleagues at our school.

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The Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium consists of several building wings, which were built at different times. A modern canteen building in the form of a „glass palace“ (2006) connects the A-tract, built in the 1950s, with the C-tract (renovation 2010) and the B-tract, the renovation of which is planned for the summer of2021. A courtyard with benches, that have inspirational quotes, a modernized sports complex with hardcourt and beach volleyball court as well as an idyllic school garden serves as an oasis on the premises of the school building. The classrooms are very spacious due to the space plan of the 1950s and were equipped with new modern media carriages with teacher laptops and document cameras as well as Wi-Fi projectors in the 2019/20 school year. In addition, various (small) group work rooms are available for differentiated lessons, but also for support lessons, elective lessons, homework support or instrumental lessons in the afternoon.
In addition to the specialist rooms for physics, chemistry, biology, natural and computer science, the school also has a robotics laboratory, a 3D printing student laboratory, and an environmental composite laboratory. A classroom for the future has been available since 2018 with the so-called “edu.lab.” The edu.lab can be used by groups to work interactively with digital teaching tools in order to be optimally prepared for the challenges of a digital world.


Through qualified, interesting and student- and action-oriented teaching, we want to maintain the learning pleasure of the students, optimally to support their learning process and thus securing their educational success. Digital teaching methods are also on the agenda in all disciplines, insofar as this results in added value for teaching and learning success. With offers of individual support and a wide range of choices, we offer the students a solid education that meets individual learning requirements as well as different inclinations and interests. With the introduction of the CurriculumPlus in the 2017/18 school year, competence orientation in all disciplines became the focus of didactic considerations. The aim of good teaching is to build up knowledge and skills in a systematic and networked manner and then to secure them in an application-oriented manner in order to enable the students to participate in social processes and discussions and to enjoy lifelong learning.

Extracurricular learning locations and learning partners

Project- and competence-oriented learning and work does not only take place on the school premises, but also in extracurricular learning locations (theater, museum, archive, city library) and with extracurricular partners. For several years we have been working together with the Augsburg City Theatre and the Augsburg City Library, attending theatre performances or the popular Bibliotheksralley, and in cooperation with the “Staatstheater” we also offer theater workshops at the school. The in-school trip and excursion programs are part of a sustainable lesson planning. In the context of musical performances, through the cooperation with external partners in the context of the P-seminars as well as through participation in regional and national competitions, the students also learn that what they work on in school, is also beyond the school framework, is of interest and recognition. The exchange at the European level as part of an Erasmus+ project, such as the current “Fugger Strasse” project, or at the international level as part of a Goethe-Institut project, such as the 2017 exchange with Kazakhstan, is of particular importance.

Languages at JFG

All students start in the 5th grade with English. In the 6th grade they can choose to add Latin or French. In the 10th grade, all branches have the option of choosing Spanish as a late-starting foreign language and thus dropping Latin or French. In this case, however, Spanish must be continued up to the Abitur. In addition, Chinese has been offered as an elective course for several years.

Full day offers


In the 9th grade, all students in both fields of education complete a one-week work placement in a company in Augsburg, which they have to apply for independently. This internship gives an important contribution to giving students a real picture of the „outside world,“ to get them started into work processes and to make it easier for them to choose their future careers.

School is not only a place of learning, but also, of course, a living space for a successful coexistence.

School not only imparts knowledge and understanding but is also a central place for the transfer of values and social learning.

For us, orientation is our mission statement: living diversity together, strengthening personality and broadening horizons.